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    National Library Information Service Accessibility Consortium
    Library information service accessibility refers to that the resources provided by libraries and resources providing means should be accessible,with no hindrance for audience's receiving....

    China National Microfilming Centre for Library Resources
      It formulates documents microfilming strategies of national public libraries, and organizes the public libraries to rescue the ancient books and other documents needed to be long-term preserved....

    Online Library Cataloging Centre
    Online Library Cataloging Centre (OLCC), centered by National Library of China, manages the online library cataloging operation in the nationwide, so as to achieve the cooperative development and sharing of bibliographic data....

    China Ancient Books PAC Online
    Ancient book is an important symbol to record the culture of a country and an important carrier to transmit culture. It is non-renewable resource and valuable spirit treasure of China....

    ISSN China Center
    ISSN China Centre is responsible for the registration of Chinese serials, which have to register with the General Administration of Press and Publication of the P.R.C. first, response to reference inquiries and provision of data records to the International Center....

    Chinese Library Classification Editorial Board
    Chinese Library Classification Editorial Board formulates work planning, researches and determines major issues of Chinese Library Classification, revises and approbates Editorial Board's bylaws....

    China Libraries Reference Collaboration Network
    China Libraries Reference Collaboration Network aims at establishing collaborative reference service relationship among different libraries. It will promote the sharing of document information and reference librarians, and the cooperation in the national library community....

    Conference on Cooperative Development and Sharing of Chinese Resources
    It discusses the problems on cooperative development and sharing of Chinese resources, promotes the exchange and cooperation among libraries and collection institutions collecting Chinese Resources....

    NLC Acquisitions and Cataloging
    NLC Acquisitions and Cataloging, maintained by NLC Chinese Acquisitions & Cataloguing Department, aims at introducing the acquisitions and cataloging of National Library of China, providing reference information for specialists....

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    Open Access Repository of Library and Information Science aims at providing a free, real-time and open platform for the staff in library community...

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