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    Established in 2009, IFLA Chinese Language Centre can now be seen as a permanent representative of IFLA/HQ for the Chinese speaking community, as well as the other way around: it is hoped that IFLA/HQ will get improved access to Chinese speaking library and information professionals.

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    Newsletter of IFLA Chinese Language Center Issue No.1
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    IFLA Express 2010    
        IFLA Express 2010 No.5
      IFLA Express 2010 No.4
        IFLA Express 2010 No.3
      IFLA Express 2010 No.2
        IFLA Express 2010 No.1
    IFLA Express 2009    
        IFLA Express 2009 No.8
      IFLA Express 2009 No.7
        IFLA Express 2009 No.6
      IFLA Express 2009 No.5
        IFLA Express 2009 No.4
      IFLA Express 2009 No.3
    IFLA Express 2008    
        IFLA Express 2008 No.8
      IFLA Express 2008 No.7
        IFLA Express 2008 No.6
      IFLA Express 2008 No.5
        IFLA Express 2008 No.4
      IFLA Express 2008 No.3
    Han Yongjin Zhang Zhiqing Wei Dawei
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    Li Chunming Wang Lei Cao Ning
    Xie Dongrong Zhang Shuguang
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