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    Asian Seminar on Preservation and the Four Elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire

    Hosted by:
    National Library of China(China National Center for Preservation & Conservation of Ancient Books)
    The IFLA-PAC China Center

    June 21 to June 24, 2010
    Friendship Hotel, Beijing, China
    1\ Contents
    The conference is divided into two parts, one is to summarize and review the previous work of each national center, the other is to discuss whether there are more effective measures and approaches to protect documents and reduce the damage to documents caused by natural disasters when facing these natural elements.
    2\Reports and Papers

    Work Report of IFLA-PAC Asia Center

    Work Report of IFLA-PAC Korea Center

    Record of Wenchuan Earthquake Rescue
    Control of preservation environment in the National Diet Library——mainly about achievements on IPM
    Main Causes Affecting Chinese Paper Literature Preservation and Relevant Recommendations
    Exhibit hall and storage Environment – Based on Case of National museum of Korea
    The Rescue Countermeasure of Paper Documents Damaged in the Unexpected Disasters
    Disaster prevention system for new storage of the National Library of Korea and stabilization of storage environment
    Brief introduction of drying method used for flooding books
    Toward the Establishment of a Guideline for the Concentration of Indoor Atmospheric Contaminants in Storages and Exhibition rooms of Museums
    Survey on Preservation Disaster Preparedness in Libraries of Mainland China



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