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       Overview of Library Collections
    Overview of Physical Collections     Overview of Main Digital Resources
    Overview of Physical Collections (As of December 2021)







    General Books (including Minguo paper-bound books)

    11633133 volumes

    General Ancient Books (including Minguo thread-bound books)

    1684495 volumes

    Books Published in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Overseas

    421984 volumes


    13739612 volumes

    Foreign Languages

    Western Languages Books (English, French, German, and others)

    2473733 volumes

    Russian Books (including Slavic languages)

    697500 volumes

    Books in Japanese and other Oriental Languages

    1270633 volumes


    4441866 volumes


    Subtotal for Monographs

    18181478 volumes



    Chinese Periodicals

    8930746 volumes

    Foreign Languages

    Periodicals in Foreign Languages

    7207180 volumes


    Subtotal for Periodicals

    16137926 volumes



    Chinese Newspapers

    206430 bound volumes

    Foreign Languages

    Newspapers in Foreign Languages

    103542 bound volumes


    Subtotal for Newspapers

    309972 bound volumes

    Special Collections


    Rare Books (including Ancient Rare Books, New Rare Books, Rare Books in Foreign Languages)

    400394 volumes or items

    Maps & Atlases in Chinese and Foreign Languages 191483 volumes or items

    Static Pictures (Photographs, New Year Pictures, Engineering Drawings, and others)

    173115 items

    Documents on Epigraphs & Rubbings

    337045 items

    Manuscripts & Letters

    117204 items

    Documents in Languages of Ethnic Minorities

    258242 volumes or items

    Dunhuang & Turpan Documents

    31252 items

    Genealogies & Chronicles

    145099 volumes or items

    Other Special Collections (including Deluxe Editions)

    12672 volumes or items

    Dissertations and other Chinese Materials

    2986207 volumes or items

    Oracle Bones

    35651 volumes or items

    International Organizations and Government Publications

    637066 volumes or items


    Subtotal for Special Collections

    5325430 volumes or items



    Microfilms & Microfiches

    1729967 reels or fiches

    Audio-visual Materials


    Sound Recordings, Video Recordings, CD, Microgroove Records, MP3, LD, VCD, VHD, DVD

    493887 disks or cassettes

    Electronic Publications


    CD-ROM and others

    122845 items

    Total (as of December 2021)

    42301505 volumes or items

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