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         NLC Introduction
         NLC Location Guide
          Exterior Guide
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         Opening Hours
         Rules and Regulations
          Rules and Regulations for Readers
    Rules and Regulations for Children's Library
    Rules and Regulations for Juvenile Visitors
          Civil Reader Convention
          NLC Service Standards
         Reader Registration Regulations
         Reading and Lending Regulations
         NLC Services
       Service Clients
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         NLC Resources
                Overview of Library Collections
                Highlights of Library Collections
       Service Clients
    Legislative Decision-making Organizations of Central Government
    Providing literature information support and guarantee for legislative decision-making of central government.
    Educational and Research Institutes
    Providing literature information services, reference services and academic activity support for educational and research institutes home and abroad.
    Library Community
    Providing tutorship for libraries at all levels and professional training for librarians in post.
    The Public
    Providing literature information services and cultural education services for the public to satisfy their learning and research needs.
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