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    Regulations for Digital Resources Services

    Digital reading service is free of charge. Each reader may use the computer for 2 hours at a time after scanning his/her Reader's Card or second generation ID card at the registration desk. After 2 hours, you will get offline automatically (Please save your personal files in time when the system gives you prompting message). If all computers are occupied or you need to continue to use computer after getting offline automatically, please wait to be assigned computers at the registration desk, and then scan your card for using computers.

    Readers who bring their own computers may use the Library's wireless local area network free of charge by his/her efficient Reader's Card.
    Readers aged 15 and below can get access to digital resources through service computers in the NLC Children’s Library. 

    Please do not download, browse, and search databases and digital resources continuously, systematically within short period in an over normal reading speed.

    Please abide by Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, and related laws and regulations. Downloaded literature is not allowed for commercial purpose.

    Please do not engage in any activity which may harm the NLC's computer information networks security or disturb the normal order: please do not use abnormal means to log in the Library's computers or use the Library's computer information networks; please do not delete, modify or increase data, information network functions and applications stored in the Library's computer information networks; please do not create or spread computer viruses and other programs which sabotage the normal operation of the computer system; please do not secretly change the Library's computer devices or network connection manners; please don't run network or stand-alone games; please do not visit entertainment video websites, or pornographic, vulgar webpage contents.

    Please pay attention to personal information protection. Please save the downloaded and edited materials in personal storage devices or computer storage areas except disk C. Don't store materials in computer disk C (including Desktop and My Documents), so as to avoid data missing caused by machine breakdown.

    Please abide by the related laws and regulations, including Regulations of the People's Republic of China for Safety Protection of Computer Information Systems, Implementation Rules for Provisional Regulations of the Administration of International Networking of Computer Information in China, Measures for Security Protection Administration of the International Networking of Computer Information Networks, Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, etc.

    Please pay attention to your password and other personal information, so as to avoid information leaks and other security risks.

    Broadcasting materials stored in readers' own mobile storage devices is not allowed. 

    Readers with disabilities are entitled to priorities of using the Library's computers.
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