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       Rules and Regulations for Children's Library
    1. The NLC Children's Library receives children aged 15 and below. Children before school age entering the Children's Library shall be accompanied by a guardian, and infants need to wear diapers.

    2. Children can enter the NLC Children's Library by presenting Reader's Card or valid IDs (ID card, residence booklet, enrollment card/student identity card for middle school and primary school students, passport, residence permit for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents, Mainland travel permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents, Mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents, Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card); accompanying guardians (one guardian for one child) can enter the NLC Children's Library with the NLC Reader's Card or valid certificates.
    3. The guardian should observe the public reading order within the Library, regulate and manage the conduct of the children under guardianship, to protect their physical and mental health and personal safety.

    4. In order to avoid the cross infection of diseases in the public area, children readers with suspected infectious disease please do not enter the Library.

    5. Please leave food, drinks, tea, milk, baby carriages, and bags larger than 18.4 cm length x 13 cm width or other inappropriate articles in the lockers.

    6. All publications in the Children's Library are only for reading within the Library; readers are only allowed to take 3 books at a time. Please put the publications in the box on the desk after reading.

    7. Photographing and filming are prohibited in the Children's Library. Please don't use your own digitalization equipment to san or copy the publications in the Library.

    8. Please keep quiet in the Children's Library. Do not speak loudly or chase each other. Mobile phones must be switched to the silent or vibrate mode. Readers shall answer the phone or make calls out of the Library. Please take care of the publications and facilities in the Library, do not score or scribbling on the reading desk or move any facilities without permission.

    9. Library is the key fire prevention area. Please do not smoke, light a fire or use sockets without the permission of the staff within the Library.
    10. In case of emergency, please follow the instructions given by the staff.

    11. Please follow the latest information of activities in the National Digital Library of China & Children's Digital Library on the website (http://kids.nlc.cn), official blog(http://e.weibo.com/setsg)and official Wechat account(guotushaoerguan). Telephone: 010-88545080
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