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    China Revolution Literature Database
    Developed by the National Library of China Publishing House, this database collects more than 6,300 titles of China revolution books, more than 100 titles of China revolution periodicals and more than 70 titles of China revolution newspapers. Users can browse contents by category, and can also do cross-database search. The total number of documents exceeds 1 million pages and the total capacity is 200GB. The database is an important reference for the study of the development process of the Communist Party of China in modern times.
    General Database of Chinese Historical Documents ? Modern Periodical Database (on trial)
    The database has completed the construction of 4,449 titles of periodicals in the first phase, with a total number of pictures of nearly 3 million pages and a data capacity of more than 400GB. It can be retrieved in full text and has the functions of item retrieval and download.

    Expiration Date: 2022.12.31
    Yue Du Hui (transliteration)
    It collects 730 issues of bilingual journals, covering anecdotes, wonderful pictures, film and music, English learning, sharp comments, and so on.

    User name / password: 國家圖書館/111111
    National Social Sciences Database
    This database, officially launched in 2013, is a special project commissioned by the National Social Science Fund of China, which is built by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It has collected more than 2,000 titles of academic journals, more than 10 million papers, and information about more than 1.01 million scholars and 21,000 institutions. It contains 187 titles of journals funded by the National Social Science Fund of China, more than 80 titles of journals sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, more than 600 titles of core journals included in the three evaluation systems (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University and Nanjing University), more than 700 titles of journals which can be traced back to the first issue, and the earliest dating back to 1920. Attachment: User Manual

    China Academic Journal Network Publishing Database (CAJD)
    This database mainly collects academic, technical, policy guidance, higher science popularization and education journals, covering natural sciences, engineering technology, agriculture, philosophy, medical science, humanities, social sciences, and so on. As of the end of 2018, it has collected over 54 million papers in more than 8,000 titles of domestic periodicals.

    Longyuan Periodicals
    This database has collected more than 4,000 titles of periodicals in humanities, covering current politics, management, finance and economics, literature, art, philosophy, history and so on, providing full-text online reading.

    VIP Chinese Science and Technology Periodicals Database
    It collects more than 10,000 titles of Chinese science & technology periodicals since 1989, including periodicals in the disciplines of social science, natural science, industrial technology, agricultural science, medical science and pharmacy.

    Wanfang Digital Periodicals
    Up to 2020, it has collected about 8,000 titles of periodicals, including about 3,300 titles of core journals, which cover sciences, engineering technology, medicine and health, agricultural science, philosophy, politics and law, social sciences, science, education, literature and art, etc. (For remote access users, please log in to the NLC Reader Portal to access the resources)

    Bookan Chinese Periodicals
    The periodicals collected by this database are divided into 14 categories, including current politics and people's livelihood, literature and art, fashion entertainment, financial management, science and technology popularization, etc. Due to server fault, the service is suspended. The resumption time will be notified later.

    CMA Digital Periodicals
    It has collected more than 120 titles of periodicals sponsored by Chinese Medical Association (CMA). It is a medical periodical database with the largest number, the most important effects and the most powerful authority in the medicine and public health community home and abroad. Due to server fault, the service is suspended. The resumption time will be notified later.

    Genius Finance
    It collects financial and economic news from over 70 titles of major economics and finance newspapers, periodicals or magazines. It also classifies news into different categories such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds and so on. Over 2,300 pieces of news are updated daily. Besides financial news, the system also includes bulletins and announcements of listed companies, mutual funds and bonds as well as securities legislation, regulations and so on.

    The Database of the Replicated Journals by Renmin University of China
    It collects full-text documents in the areas of Marxism-Leninism, political science, culture, linguistics, history, philosophy, law, education, literature, geography, social sciences, economics, physical education, and arts since 1995. There are more than 4,000 titles of source documents. As of the end of 2018, it has collected more than 0.6 million papers.

    E’ Hu Knowledge Database
    It is the most authoritative database to study Confucianism in Taiwan. It has collected all of the contents in Taiwan Confucian community since July 1975, totaling more than 0.1 billion Chinese characters.

    Taiwan Aboriginal Periodicals Database
    It has collected 30 titles of aboriginal periodicals in Taiwan from 1895 to 1945. The contents contain linguistics, history, geography, social organization, customs, life, arts and so on.

    Minguo Periodicals
    The database includes digitalized Minguo periodicals stored in microfilm medium.
    South Asia Archive
    The database resources are collected and collated by the South Asia Research Foundation. This database contains more than 2400 volumes of books, more than 300 titles of journals, 268 manuals and other resources with a total of 5 million pages, which is the largest online database for South Asia research. The content includes India and surrounding countries, and the time span is from the 18th century to the middle of the 20th century. The wide range of disciplines and time span reflect the overall picture of academic research in India in the colonial and early post-colonial periods. (For remote access users, please log into the NLC Reader Portal to access to the resources)
    Business Market Research Collection
    This database provides more than 110 titles of publications, including more than 82000 reports from Chart Maker Company, Oxford Economics, Oxford Analytica and other publishing institutions, as well as news and information from Oxresearch Daily Brief Service, which covers business, economics and market research. (For remote access users, please log into the NLC Reader Portal to access to the resources)
    Taylor & Francis Online Journals
    The NLC can access to more than 600 titles of journals in humanities and social sciences published by Taylor & Francis Group, covering anthropology and archaeology, arts and humanities, behavioral sciences, business, library and information science, and so on, which can access to full-text journals as early as 1997. In addition, the NLC can access to full texts of more than 750 titles of back issues in humanities and social sciences and 344 titles of back issues in sciences. Among them, back issues can data back to Issue 1 of Volume 1. (For remote access users, please log into the NLC Reader Portal to access to the resources)
    Social Science Premium Collection
    This database covers a wide range of documents in the fields of global politics, public policy, sociology, social work, anthropology, criminology, linguistics, library science and pedagogy, and so on. This database collects more than 5000 titles of publications (including more than 1700 titles of full-text journals), which are mainly academic journals. In addition, this database provides more than 24000 professional full-text publications, including doctoral dissertations and master’s degree papers, national reports and gray literature. This database also collects several index databases of Social Science Abstracts, including Sociological Abstracts, PAIS Index, LISA, and so on. (For remote access users, please log into the NLC Reader Portal to access to the resources)
    ProQuest Research Library Academic Journals Database
    The database collects a large number of core academic journals of comprehensive disciplines, covering business, literature, language, performing and visual arts, history, religion, medicine, sociology, pedagogy, science and technology, etc. Up to now, the database has collected nearly 6000 titles of journals, covering a wide range of journal types.
    Appendix: resource list

    ABI/Info American Business Information Periodicals Full-text Database
    The database is a world-famous integrated database of commercial journals, which contains nearly 8,000 titles of publications from more than 1000 publishing institutions in the business field, providing important content information of various disciplines in economic, management, business, and so on.
    Resource list

    ACS Legacy Archives Database
    Founded in 1876, American Chemical Society (ACS) has become one of the largest professional scientific and technological societies in the world. The Journal of ACS was rated as "the most cited Chemical Journal in the field of Chemistry" by ISI's Journal Citation Report (JCR). The NLC can access to the ACS legacy archives (23 titles of journals published from 1879 to 1995).
    List of periodicals

    Akadémiai Kiadó
    Akadémiai Kiadó is developed and maintained by the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Science, which has collected 72 titles of periodicals, covering humanities, social sciences, laws, bioscience, chemistry, earth & environmental sciences, mathematics, economics, medical science, architecture, behavioral science, and engineering. It is a database with natural sciences and social sciences. Among of them, 9 titles of periodicals exchanged by the NLC International Exchange Section are completely full-text periodicals, i.e. Acta Linguistica Hungarica, Acta Orientalia, Acta Physiologica Hungarica, Central European Geology, Across Languages and Cultures, European Journal of Mental Health, Hungarian Studies, Interventional Medicine and Applied Science, JPC-Journal of Planar Chromatography. In addition, 41 titles of periodicals are partially full-text periodicals.

    ARL Research Library
    It collects 3,737 titles of journals, among of which are 2,536 titles of full-text journals.

    Academic Source Complete (ASC) (EBSCOhost)
    Academic Source Complete has provided the full texts of about 5,300 titles of publications, including more than 4,400 titles of peer-reviewed periodicals. Besides, it provides indexes and abstracts of more than 9,300 titles of periodicals and 10,900 titles of publications, such as monographs, reports, proceedings, etc., which can be dated back to 1865.

    Beck-online Law Database
    The database collects periodicals, annotated works, statute books, indictment models, and adjudications, which are published by C.H.Beck Publishing House. It includes 540 titles of law books, 123 titles of periodicals, 127,366 pieces of case law, 5,980 law principles, 100 pieces of administrative guidance, and 18 indictment models. The total files have amounted to 5.5 million.

    British Periodicals (ProQuest)
    The database has provided 472 titles of British periodicals from 1680 to 1930, covering history and culture in more than two centuries, including various subjects of literature, philosophy, history, sciences, social sciences, arts, dramas, archaeology and architecture.

    Business and Company Resource Center (GALE)
    Readers can retrieve detailed information of 450,000 companies and 8,000 different industry organizations from over 2800 full-text business periodicals and over 100 newspapers.

    Business Source Complete (BSC) (EBSCOhost)
    This business resource exceeds all other databases available in terms of its premium content of peer-reviewed, business related journals. Included as part of the comprehensive coverage offered by Business Source Complete are indexing and abstracts for the most important scholarly business journals, dating back as far as 1886. In addition, searchable cited references are provided for more than 1,300 journals.

    Cambridge Online Journals
    It provides 183 titles of full-text periodicals published by Cambridge University.

    East View Universal Database
    It collects over 10 million papers in about 600 titles, which are mainly in Russian, covering politics, economics, science and technology, securities, foreign affairs, culture, law, history, and medical science of Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States.

    Users outside the NLC can access to this database by using the following username/password: chinalibrary/greatwall.

    Emerald: management, economics and engineering database
    It collects more than 160 titles of journals with over 42,000 full-text articles and 190,000 independent review articles, and 4 abstract databases.

    Elsevier-Science Direct
    The NLC purchased Elesevier Backfiles Database in 2010. Users can access to about 2,500 titles of periodicals published by Elsevier Science publishing group. Most of the periodicals can be dated back to the first issue. The available full-text articles have amounted to more than 9 million.

    Education Resource Information Center (ERIC) (EBSCOhost)
    The database contains more than 1.3 million records and links to more than 317,000 full-text documents from ERIC back to 1966.

    It provides important business information in 22 languages from 122 countries. Contents cover about thirty industries, such as transportation, health care, accounting services, agriculture & forestry, entertainment and arts, mechanics and electronics.

    GREENR (Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources)
    The database integrates periodicals, news, reviews, websites, blogs, audio-visual materials, images, conference report, statistical data, laws and regulations, case analysis, and so on. The contents cover energy problems, climate change, environment pollution, economic trade and management, population and economy development, human health, agriculture problems, and so on.

    HeinOnline is an American famous full-text law database, with 19 sub-databases. It has collected about 1,700 titles of law periodicals, 675 monographs in international law field, over 100,000 cases, more than 1,500 pieces of law monographs and full-text reports of U.S. Federal Government, and so on. As to the first 500 titles of law periodicals, the database collects 469 titles. And among of these 469 titles, 460 titles can be dated back to the first issue. The database has received the awards awarded by International Association of Law Libraries, American Association of Law Libraries, etc.

    International Index to Music Periodicals Full Text (IIMPFT)
    It is the most complete music periodicals resources in Internet. The database collects index and abstract of more than 450 titles of international music periodicals, and full texts of more than 140 titles of music periodicals from over 20 countries.

    Institute of Physics (IOP) Science
    Institute of Physics (IOP) Science is a platform for IOP-hosted journal content. At present, 64 titles of IOP Science are open to the NLC. Among of them, 62 titles are collected by SCI, and 55 titles have impact factor.

    At present, this database has collected about 2000 titles of journals, focusing on the themes of humanities and social sciences such as politics, economics, philosophy and history, and also focusing on general scientific themes, with a total of more than a dozen of fields.

    KluwerLaw Online
    The database has collected 21 titles of academic periodicals on law, including law theory, constitution, administrative law, civil law, intellectual property, criminal law, procedural law, economic law, financial law, international (trade) law, comparative law, environmental law, tax law, legal practice, and so on.
    List of periodicals

    Lexis Advance (Law)
    Lexis advance database specializes in providing online legal retrieval services such as decrees, cases and bills. The collected documents cover three fields: Law, news & business and public information. (1) Law: it mainly includes American legal literature, legal literature of more than 160 countries and regions outside the United States, including China, secondary resources (including more than 700 legal journal papers including Yale Law Review), legal news (legal news of more than 300 legal newspapers, magazines and news bulletins in the United States and other countries) and references. (2) News & Business: it includes English and non English news from more than 9000 sources around the world, information of major listed and non listed companies in the world, industry overview, etc. (3) Public Information: it includes U.S. personal and corporate information, such as federal and state judgments, bankruptcy records, professional licenses, litigation records, etc.

    Nexis.com (Business)
    The database includes the following contents: 99 American publications, newsletters of 220 news agencies, newspapers of 2,488 global newspapers, 4,126 titles of periodicals and magazines, 2,300 public records, 46 million archive records of companies, over 6500 particular articles, and more than 31,000 public or private companies’ reports.

    Military and Government Collection (EBSCO)
    Designed to offer current news pertaining to all branches of the military and government, this database offers a thorough collection of periodicals, academic journals and other content pertinent to the increasing needs of these sites. The database provides full text for nearly 300 periodicals as well as offers indexing and abstracts for more than 400 periodicals.

    The NLC users can access to 18 titles of research periodicals, including Nature Weekly, and other Nature series, 15 titles of review periodicals, the EMBO Journal and EMBO reports, totaling 36 titles. In the CALIS-Peking University server, users can access to the above periodicals, dating back as far as 1997; meanwhile, users can access to free periodicals, such as Cell Research, Asian Journal of Andrology, Acta Pharmacologica Sinica, Cellular & Molecular Immunology, and so on. The main site of Nature doesn’t only provide full texts, but also provide contribution information, latest hot articles, and various retrieval methods.

    NSTL Current Periodicals Database
    NSTL purchased hundreds of web edition periodicals in science and technology for national users. The NLC users can access to the resources by this click "NSTL Current Periodicals Database". In addition, if users know a specific periodical, they can search this periodical through "Search Periodicals". Besides, users can search periodicals published by various academic publishing houses through "Search Database".

    NSTL Foreign Languages Archives Database
    The database includes Springer Backfiles (1854-1996), Nature Backfiles (1869-1996), OUP Backfiles (1849-1995), IOP Backfiles (1874-2002), and Turpion Backfiles (1958-2002), totaling 1,122 titles of periodicals in 20 categories, with more than 3 million articles.

    OA (Open Access): one-stop retrieval service platform
    It is developed by China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation Ltd. Users can access to OA resources of OA Periodicals Database and OA Institutional Repository.

    Oxford University Press Journals
    It collects the catalogue of full-text journals published by Oxford University Press.

    Periodicals Archive Online
    Periodicals Archive Online is an online periodical archive that makes the backfiles of periodicals in the humanities and social sciences available in full text from 1802 to 1995/2000. Currently, Periodicals Archive Online contains 550 titles of full-text periodicals. Meanwhile, new titles are added to the database yearly. In the database, over 20% are non-English titles.

    Professional Development Collection (PDC) (EBSCO)
    This is the most comprehensive and most valuable collection of full-text education journals in the world. It includes full text for more than 520 high-quality education journals including 350 titles of peer-reviewed journals. This database also contains more than 200 educational reports.

    Project Muse
    Project MUSE was founded in 1995 as a joint non-profit project between the Johns Hopkins University Press and the Milton S. Eisenhower Library. The goal of Project MUSE is to disseminate high-quality scholarly material through an affordable and sustainable model that meets the needs of libraries, publishers, and scholars. At present, it collects nearly 390 titles of periodicals from 89 publishing houses, which are increasing yearly. Project MUSE is a leading provider of digital humanities and social sciences content.

    ProQuest Asian Business (1971-)
    It collects 129 titles of periodicals in all. Among of them, there are 111 titles of full-text periodicals and 69 titles of full-text current periodicals.

    ProQuest European Business (1971-)
    It collects more than 170 titles of periodicals on European Business in all. Among of them, there are 154 titles of full-text periodicals and 102 titles of full-text current periodicals.

    It collects the periodicals published by American Psychological Society (APA), APA Educational Publishing Foundation, Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), and Hogrefe & Huber. It collects 58 titles of first-class periodicals, which can be dated back to Issue 1, Volume 1.

    Regional Business News (EBSCO)
    Regional Business News provides full text for regional business publications, including over 80 American urban and rural business reports.

    RSC Journals
    Founded in 1841, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is one of the major chemical professional societies in the world and one of the leading chemical information publishers. The publications cover the fields of chemistry and chemical engineering, materials, biology, pharmacy, energy, environmental protection, food processing, science popularization, etc. At present, 70 titles of back issues and part of current issues are available. (For remote access users, please log into the NLC Reader Portal to access to the resources)

    SAGE Journals Online
    This database provides 381 titles of full-text back issues published by SAGE, which can be dated back to Issue 1, Volume 1. Meanwhile, users can access to part of current issues (before 2022). The database covers business, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine and so on. (For remote access users, please log into the NLC Reader Portal to access to the resources)

    Springer Electronic Journal Database
    Springer electronic journal database contains more than 1500 titles of academic journals, covering 11 disciplines in all fields of science and technology engineering, medicine and Life sciences, humanities and social sciences, including mathematics, chemistry and materials science, computer science, earth environment science, engineering, physics and astronomy, medicine, biomedicine and life sciences, behavioral science, business and economics, humanities and social sciences and law. More than 60% of the journals are indexed by SCI and SSCI.
    Appendix: list of journals

    Westlaw International
    It contains laws, regulations and cases from Britain, America, European Union, Australia, Hong Kong and Canada. It includes more than 1,000 titles of law periodicals and reviews, and news from New York Times, Financial Times, the Associated Press, and other new agencies.

    Wiley-Blackwell Online Periodicals
    Wiley-Blackwell publishes 1,492 titles of periodicals online, covering physical science (166 titles), bioscience (268 titles), medical science (269 titles), professional technologies (298 titles), and humanities & social sciences (490 titles). Among of them, 924 titles have impact factor, and 813 titles are society/association periodicals.
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