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      Online Exhibitions More >
    •  Memory in the New Year Pictures
    The exhibition displays 120 items from NLC New Year pictures collection and 110 items of New Year Pictures Project representative....
    •  The Exhibition on Chinese Rubbings of Stone Relief of Han Dynasty
    The stone relief of Han Dynasty is the decorative stone carving murals carved on cliffs, palaces, temples, ancestral temple, coffin chambers....
    •  The Exhibition of Mo Yan's Works
    On 11 October 2012, the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Chinese writer, Mo Yan, who became the first Chinese writer....
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    •  On Tianjin's History and Culture
    Speaker: Luo Shuwei
    Category: Chinese history
    •  China and Australia
    Speaker: Han Feng
    Category: politics, law
    •  United Nations and China
    Speaker: Chen Jian
    Category: politics, law
      Books and Periodicals Highlights More >
    Name: Return migration, social remittances and collective action for water supply and road building : gender dynamics in a Chinese village
    Press: Beijing : Guizhou Science and Technology Publishing House
    Author: Ge Jinghua
    Publication Year: 2012
    Call Number: 2C-2012 C924.24G292
    Name: The sociology of work : structures and inequalities
    Press: New York : Oxford University Press
    Author: Steven P. Vallas, William Finlay, Amy S. Wharton
    Publication Year: 2009
    Call Number: 2-2012 C913.2V178
    Name: Language contact in times of globalization
    Press: Amsterdam ; New York : Rodopi
    Author: Cornelius Hasselblatt, Peter Houtzagers, Remco van Pareren
    Publication Year: 2011
    Call Number: 2-2012 H0L2871
    Name: The four colors of business growth
    Press: San Diego CA : Academic Press
    Author: Anjan V. Thakor
    Publication Year: 2011
    ISBN: 2-2012 F272.1T364
    Name: Seeking peace in El Salvador : the struggle to reconstruct a nation at the end of the Cold War
    Press: New York : Palgrave Macmillan
    Author: Diana Villiers Negroponte
    Publication Year: 2012
    ISBN: 2-2012 D774.49N394
    Name: Metadata for digital collections : a how-to-do-it manual
    Press: New York : Neal-Schuman Publishers
    Author: Steven J. Miller
    Publication Year: 2011
    ISBN: 2-2012 G254.364M651

    By 2007, the National Library of China has collected more than 40,000 CDs, and 967 microgroove records. One major collection of the audio resources is the classical music pieces and classical songs from different countries in the world. There is a special component of the National Library of China's audio resources, i.e. 20,000 CDs donated by Mr. Eihachirou Shidori , and all of them are western classical music.

    We bring out the digitalized classical music according to different themes and series of classical music in digital format done by the National Library, to share with all the music lovers.

          Films and TV

    By 2007, the National Library of China has collected a variety of over 100,000 pieces of video materialsdata, including 21,232 DVDs, 1,880 LDs, 70,529 VCDs, 260 VHDs and 14,608 video recordingstapes. The key areas of the video collection are Chinese and foreign classic films and TV series, literature, arts, history, geography, sports, philosophy and religion.

    To provide readers an easy way to access these video resources, we will arrange different topics and series of great works showed in film and television in digital format digitalized by the National Library of China.

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