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    The "NLC Lectures" is the academic cultural lecture series given by the National Library of China (NLC) for the society and the public on weekends. It is the sacred and important mission of the NLC to preserve the excellent ancient cultural classics, cultivate the descendants of Chinese culture so as to pass down the civilization from generation to generation, and play the roles of continuing education and social education. Early in the 1950s, in No. 7 Wenjin Street, the non-profitable academic lectures given by the first-class scholars enlightened many young students, helping them do academic research. Nowadays, in the global information age, as the origin of modern civilization, the ancient Chinese civilization was paid more and more attention, and attracted more and more people to seek for impetus for modern civilization development. Based on the NLC's abundant collections, and with the great support of academia, many famous scholars home and abroad have come to the NLC, and given lectures for the public. The essence of their research achievements is explained in simple terms. As the collection institution of Chinese excellent cultural classics, the NLC brings out the video resources of many selected lectures for the public, so as to make the public share more and more excellent culture. (Notice: please use Microsoft Windows Media Player to play the video resources.)

    On Tianjin's History and Culture
    Travel Alone in China—Sights
    Details of Harmonious Culture
    Modern Significance of Traditional Courtesy
    Dunhuang Murals and the Architectural Features of the Tang Dynasty
    Appreciation and Appraisal of China's Ancient Times Map
    Comments on Dai Zhen's Contributions towards Nine Chapters of Arithmetics
    Understanding and Influence on Raining Water in China's Ancient Times---Discussion about Xining the Seventh Yyear ofs Xining in North Song Dynasty and aAround Rainfall Instrument
    Outstanding Technology and Art: Bronze Technology and Art of China's Ancient Times
    The Evolvement Editions on A Record of the Best Illustrations and Descriptions of Extraordinary Devices of the Far West
    United Nations and China
    China and Australia
    Three Great Links of Music Practice and Their Correlations--Taking about Music Creation, Performance and Appreciation by the Director of Central Conservatory of Music
    International Situation and Olympic Games
    My Cause is my Father
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