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    Name of Lecture: On Tianjin's History and Culture
    Speaker: Luo Shuwei
    Venue: No. 7 Wenjin Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
    Date: 23 October 2010
    Category: Chinese history
    Length: 114 minutes
    Brief Introduction
    of the Speaker:
    Key Words: Tianjin;geographical;culture;research
    Organizer: NLC Library of Ancient Books (former NLC Branch Library)

    The lecture included the following contents: first, traditional Tianjin: the combination of Zhongyuan culture and Hohai culture (including history evolution, 700 years' development, special salt culture, and the influence of Mazu culture on Tianjin culture); second, modern Tianjin: leading the formation of modern civilization (including industrial, transportation, communications and technology center in North China, advanced media, leisure and sports culture, leading education culture, and popular culture); third, the reason of "Observing Tianjin in modern China": representing the development trend of Chinese history and culture.

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